sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

Alternative country

I was born secular and inconsolable
I heard that he walked, he walked the earth
God goes where he wants
And who knows where he is not
Not in me

It's the way mothers greet their sons
When it's a moment too late
It's the law of the land
That sometimes the dam just breaks
God works in mysterious ways
And God gives and then he takes
From me

Jenny Lewis (yeni legüis, asi te llamaba): tengo tantos recuerdos que giran alrededor tuyo. Imprimí una foto tuya y se la lleve a un peluquero una vez. "Hazme esto"-le dije. También quise ser pelirroja y ser una chica country. Tuve canciones tuyas en mis nicks millones de veces :D

I'd rather be lonely
I'd rather be free
I'm as sure as the moon rolls around the sea

But I like watching you undress
And I think we're at our best
By the flicker by the light of the TV set

Because I can't remember why I hated you
Can't remember why I still do
But I'm a sure as the moon rolls around you

That I could be happy

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